Homelab Hero - Grand Opening Announcement, Sale, and Giveaway!

Homelab Hero - Grand Opening Announcement, Sale, and Giveaway!

Posted by Matt Young on Jun 22nd 2018

Tl;dr: We’re Redditors who have access to large quantities of server. We opened an e-commerce store www.homelabhero.com to sell refurbished gear direct. Our focus is affordability, quality, and good service.

Hello /r/homelabsales,

I’m Matt (/u/tech_singularity) and I work in electronics recycling industry outside of Washington, D.C. I’m a lifelong geek that has been working on, building, and programming computers from a young age. I’m fascinated with the evolution of technology, and I leapt at the opportunity in college to work for an electronics recycling company. In the world of electronics recycling you have ‘scrap’ and ‘reuse’ people, and I’ve always been reuse focused given my hardware knowledge and tinkering experience. Over the last 10 years, I’ve had the chance to work at some really big electronics recycler, and I opened the doors for my own company early this year. I found /r/homelabsales and /r/hardwareswap in April, and have been a super-lurker since, fascinated with the community and all the cool things happening.

We understand /r/homelab is a community, and we’ve come up with 3 ways we want to contribute in our first year:

  1. We will give away at-least 25 servers. Most of these machines will be a little long in the tooth, but we want to help and give people a platform to learn on. The first of which will be a pretty cool 9th-generation HP machine that we got New, in an open box. Check out our Grand Opening referral promotion: http://homelabhero.com/blog/homelab-hero-grand-opening-referral-promotion/
  2. Our plan is to have a server option with a pre-built and pre-installed Linux image that is turn-key for newer users with all the goodies. We’ll solicit the community for feedback in terms of what people would want on there, and build clean and stable images. We will open source these images once they are stable, and make them available for free download.
  3. We hope to generate useful and fun content, and we want to hear from you! Persistent issues that keep messing you up? Need to learn how to flash that SAS controller? Tell us what you’d like to learn more about, and we’ll work to generate the content! We hope to create at least one guide a month. We’re looking for savvy individuals to help us write these articles, if you’re interested, reach out at info [ a ] homelabhero.com

Enough about us, lets get to why you came here!

We work with data center companies that are constantly cycling equipment. Since I found /r/homelabsales, I’ve stocked up 500 servers, some hard drives (with a lot on the way), and quite a few DIMMs of RAM. We’ve decided to launch our store today with a small, but deep stock of R610 Gen ii (300), R720 (20), and R720xd (10) Servers. We’ve got a ton of stuff in stock, and more on the way. If you don’t see the configuration or model you are looking for let us know, we might have it. We’ll aim to be competitive with or beat E-Bay pricing.

We’ve included some basic specs and pricing on our site. If you are interested in a different configuration (drives, ram, rails, faceplates), message us, and we can add it to the site. We’ve set our initial pricing based on recent price check threads.


R610 Gii – 2x E5460 CPU, 24GB RAM, No HDDs or Blanks – 6x SFF Drive Bays, dual PSU, 1U Server – From $192+shipping. (300+ available)

Dell R720 – 2x E5-2665 CPU, 32GB RAM, No HDDs or Blanks – 16x SFF Drive Baus, dual PSU, 2U Server – From $550+shipping (15 available with this CPU, 5 with other CPU like e5-2670/e5-2680 v2, let us know if you’d like us to make a listing)

Dell R720xd – 2x E5-2665 CPU, 32GB RAM, No HDDs or Blanks, dual PSU, 2U Server – From $900 + shipping (10 available)

Dell 1950/2950 – FREE – Local Pickup - Includes chassis, CPU, RAM. Everything but the HDD. (5x available)

Pics, username, date: https://imgur.com/a/DRVP0lg

Other Notes:

  • Sign up and join our newsletter. We’ll be dropping Special Deals, Promotion Pricing, and you can be the first to know when we are getting large deals in stock.
  • We want feedback! Think our pricing is out of whack? Have a comment about how we list something? Our aim is to continuously improve, and always get better. We can do that a lot faster with your help!
  • We are pricing 2 and 4GB of RAM sticks to be very competitive with others pricing on here. We’re trying to hold back the 8/16GBers for the larger builds right now, so we’ve attempted to make our pricing reasonable, but probably not the best in town. We’re talking to our suppliers to get more in, based on how many we move!
  • We’ve got a ton of other servers that we haven’t listed yet: Cisco UCS 220 M2 (x75); HP G6, G7 and G8 machines; Workstations; Desktops; Laptops; Drives. We also have relationships with hundreds of electronics recyclers. If you are looking for something specific, please message us your part numbers and target pricing, and we’ll work to find it for you!
  • We buy bulk deals! If you have one or two units, your best bet will probably be to sell them on here. If you have a number of pieces, and are looking for a single wholesale transaction, we buy product every day. Message us with what you have available, and we can either make you an offer or entertain your target pricing.
  • At this point, we ship to the continental United States. Local pickup is available in our Annapolis, MD facility. Just reach out to us and coordinate when you want to stop by! If you’re not in an area we ship to, please reach out, and we can let you know when we add shipping to your region.
  • Every item is configured to order, and tested to ensure full functionality before it leaves our shop. If you have an issue with your hardware on receipt, please let us know and we’ll work with you to make it right.