About Us

Homelab Hero is a d.b.a. of Electronics Value Recovery, a Maryland Corporation focused on helping businesses manage and monetize their surplus assets.  Electronics Value Recovery is able to acquire high quality, excellent condition, enterprise equipment by working with many data center clients that are continually cycling equipment.

Electronics Value Recovery was founded by industry veterans Matthew Young and Andrew Portare with the goal of maximizing the value and extending the life cycle of used electronics.  While serving in in executive roles for some of the nation’s largest electronics recyclers, Matthew and Andrew spent the past decade working to learn and optimize the supply chain surrounding the management of e-waste.

Today, EVR works hard to maximize the value of IT assets that are discarded by organizations. All too often, electronics are disposed before their true value can be recognized, regardless of the disposition process. Through revenue sharing programs and scrap expertise, EVR endeavors not only to provide partners with top recovery optimization services, but to do so in a way that is financially rewarding and viable.

Homelab Hero is the sales channel for all of our enterprise IT equipment, ready for reuse in your homelab or data center, configured to your specifications.